Monday, September 5, 2011

Friend Making Mondays #1

Hey everyone! I just got this meme from the All The Weigh blog that I just started reading. The idea is to answer the questions and then post your link at her site so everyone can read each others' and maybe make some new friends.  So much fun! This week's questions about your favourites. If you would like to join in, that would be great. It's a chance to get know each other a bit more.

1) What is your favorite food?  I would have to say my favourite food is still a good bowl of Chili. I love making it and even like the stuff from Tim Hortons. (You Canadians know what I mean!)

2) What is your favorite childhood memory? Wow. It's hard to pick, right? "Childhood" is a long time. One awesome memory I have is going camping every year with my Grandma and Grandpa for two weeks at the lake. It was  a ritual and I just loved all of it: the campfire, the eating outside, sleeping in the tent trailer. (Back then, only rich people had motor homes.)

3) What is your favorite way to burn calories? I have to say that I just love walking. It's certainly not the most glamourous exercise but I have always loved walking and am so glad to be doing it again now. I find walking calms me down and gives me a chance to sort out all the rambling frantic thoughts that tend to rattle around in my brain. Oh, how I missed you, walking.

4) What is your favorite mode of technological communication? You know what? I love all kinds of communicating but I just adore blogging. I love updating the blog, changing the design, writing and commenting. I love reading other blogs, too. I guess blogging is kind of like reading a bunch of really fun diaries and then getting to comment. Very cool. 

5) Who is your favorite actor/actress? There are quite a few actors/actresses that I appreciate and enjoy watching but two that I think are amazing are Sandra Bullock and Will Smith. 

6) What is your favorite lip color? My favourite lip colour is a mocha pinkish colour. I don't know what's it called, exactly, but it's what I usually wear.

7) Who is your favorite historical figure? I read a biography of Michelangelo and it was fascinating! He was completely dedicated to his craft and he never gave up. So I would say Michelangelo.

8) Who is your favorite athlete?  I really can't give one. I don't follow sports AT ALL except if I want to spend time with my husband or try to make conversation with some sports fanatics. HA!

9) What is your favorite TV network? Oh, HGTV, by far! I could sit and watch home decorating shows all day if I had nothing else to do.

10) What is your favorite site on the web? I would have to say right now it's Blogger. I also spend a fair bit of time at Hubpages, where I write articles sometime and like to read articles by others. 

If you want to play along, follow these steps:

a. Copy and paste these questions into your own post.
b. Erase my answers and write your own.
c. Post a link to your post to the original post, in the comments section.
d. It'd be nice if you posted a comment here, too, so we could know that you did it. Thanks! 

Happy Labour Day!


  1. Ooh, I love me some HGTV too! Which shows are your favorites?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my FMM post!

  2. I found your blog through FMM. I'm on a 100lb weight loss journey myself. I look forward to following your progress!

  3. I love HGTV (more in the past than now, because really, there are just so much real state I can take). I love Sandra! she is just so pretty.
    Stopping by from FMM


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