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Sunday, February 19, 2012

What To Do With an Old Wok?

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What has me wanting to write today is a topic I was curious about. Can you recycle or re-use an old wok? I have an old wok that is getting all rusty and nasty, and want to get rid of it. I was going to throw it out in a garbage bag and then felt terribly convicted. How could I throw out such a big item. So that left me wondering: what to do? 

Being the all-around research gal that I am, of course I Googled it. And I found a few good ideas. First of all, some pots and pans can be turned into scrap metal.  I found a place quite close to our home, so that's one idea. I would have to call them on Monday to see if they would actually take a wok.

And another couple good ideas I read were to use it as a container for melting candles, or as  a flower pot. Interesting! I think the idea that would be most realistic for me, would be to make it into some kind of flower pot.

Here are some links on the topic: 

From Earth911: How To Recycle Your Old Cookware. 

Recycle or Reuse Old Pots and Pans

How about you? Have you ever recycled or re-used your old pots and pans? How so? What did you do? Do you have any ideas for this wok of mine? Thanks! 

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