My Husband and I Walk

My husband and I walk Through the woods. He is up ahead Sturdy and swarthy He breaks the trail for me Looking back  Ev...

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

My Husband and I Walk

My husband and I walk
Through the woods.
He is up ahead
Sturdy and swarthy
He breaks the trail for me
Looking back 
Every so often
To be sure 
I am safe. 
A protective knight 
To this old lady 
He treats like a princess.

He is fast.
I am slow. 
He sees the path.
I see the trees. 

The air is crisp
At minus 26 and
The trees creak and sway
In their places.

We are going on
Ten years
This spring
And life before him
Seems like a dream.

This was a poem I wrote after a lovely walk this afternoon with my gorgeous husband, Vern. I hope you enjoyed the poem. Feel free to comment below! 

This is me getting ready for our walk in the -26 Celsius weather here in Canada! 

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Monday, October 9, 2017

Beach in the Fall has its own Charm

Hey everyone! First of all, just a brief note about the events in the world this week. Although I am deeply interested in politics, I almost never talk about it online because I cannot physically tolerate all of the divisiveness it stirs up. Our world is going crazy right now and our future is very uncertain. North America is divided as we have never seen it before. 

We are divided by our beliefs and by who we trust. There is a feeling of antagonism in the air and for those of us who have a sensitive nature, it can be deeply disturbing. One of my Facebook contacts this week said that it made her want to go look at some landscape pictures. Well, that's why I bring you this blog. 

For me, looking at the beauty of God's creation is one of the things that helps bring the peace back into my heart.
In nature, I am reminded that God loves me enough to bring up the sun every day so I can live another twenty-four hours. I see his whimsy in the flowers, his power in the wind and his intellect in the structure of the seasons.

This week, having been stuck to my laptop, I was almost faint from missing fresh air and trees and water. So, last night I ventured out into the "outside world" and away from my writing cave, holding the hand of my incredible husband. By the time we got out, the sun was falling fast but we were still able to get our fill of these beautiful sandbars that extended over 30 feet from the shore.

I can never resist a sandbar. The sand was squishy and wet but so exciting -- a beach where there is usually none. Even though it was already dusk, you could still see the reflections of the shoreline in the water, still as a cat waiting to pounce on its prey.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Trees Keep A Polite Distance

Today, my walk was in the afternoon after returning my books to the library. I was a little disappointed that the sun disappeared, just as I got out to finally shoot some photos, but I had to adjust.

The underbrush of this forest is so dense in some places -- making it look very chaotic and messy, almost like a living room that has been ransacked by a thief.

In other parts of the forest, however, it is neat and tidy, as if a very good housekeeper maintains the order. There are very few dead trees and all of the live ones keep a polite distance from one another.

Friday, September 29, 2017

A Perfect Moment of Glory

Hi everyone!

I wanted to apologize if you received yesterday's email and it was a bit confusing. I haven't sent any emails from this blog for over a year and for some reason, it had the wrong label on it (from my other blog on marriage.) I did not see this until after it was sent this morning but again, sorry for the confusion.

So, I will be trying to post these whenever I have time, which might end up pretty often. If it is too much, feel free to unsubscribe. I just love sharing the beauty I see out here in our little place in the woods. If the pictures bring you joy, that makes me happy.

Today, my walk did not happen until the end of the day but it definitely was worth it.  I was busy on the computer when my gorgeous husband said "we need to go now if we are going to catch it." So, we quickly got ready and ran out the door to chase the sunset. That day went by so fast!

We live in an area that has close access to several beaches along Lake Winnipeg and Lester Beach is one of my favourites. We had missed going here all summer, so it was a delight to see the long stretch was still so walkable. No matter what time of year you come, you always seem to see a few people walking, usually with a dog or two. Tonight was no exception.

 We got there about 7:00 p.m. and the sun was still in the sky. Within about five minutes, it had fallen quickly, forming a nice round ball right on the horizon line.